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For healthy optimal hair growth, full head of hair and skin

  • Two scientifically tested ingredients: more hair in the active growth phase, less hair in the resting phase, and additional beneficial effect on the skin
    • Latest patented generation bio-active silicic acid with collagen (Collasil®OSA)
    • Patented keratin peptide, of French origin (Cynatine® HNS)
  • Very high absorbability
  • Extra ingredients such as biotin, vitamin C, pantothenic acid, good mineral substances zinc citrate and copper gluconate
  • Vegan capsule – Gluten-free - Lactose-free – No colouring agents – No preservatives

Recommended intake: 2 capsules a day for 3 months
90 capsules per box accounts for 6 weeks

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Support function of:

  • VIT B8 + VIT B5: energy-producing metabolism in all body cells and the fast working hair cells which can use all the energy they can get 
  • VIT B8 + ZINC : good hair and skin condition
  • VIT C: collagen formation
  • ZINC: cell renewal (the cell division process) and normal synthesis of proteins including keratin and collagen
  • ZINC + VIT C: normal functioning of the immune system and protection of cells from oxidative stress
  • ZINC: healthy nails
  • VIT C: iron intake and re-generation of the active vitamin E
  • COPPER: normal pigmentation of hair and skin + connective tissues such as hair follicles, skin and nails